Who Weed On That Weed?

Who Weed On That Weed? follows two inquisitive dogs as they investigate various happenings on their walk around the neighbourhood. It has all the ingredients that four year olds love – canine protagonists, a touch of rudeness, rhymes, synonyms and a cracker of a punchline.


Book Preview

  • > Excitement

    This pair of furry rascals will win your heart from the moment you meet them. Follow their determined exploration of their neighbourhood as they examine evidence to solve an intriguing mystery.

  • > Characters

    Personalities just leap off the page in this shaggy dog story. Meet a rogues’ gallery of local identities as our protagonists’ go about their journey of discovery.

  • > Detective work

    Gasp in admiration as these park-loving creatures use their olfactory skills to solve a perplexing mystery. And revel in the reveal at the end!